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Container Liner

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Film Liner
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     Film Liner,calling PE Liner and PE Container Liner,which are wildly used in solid powder
Cargo packing and transportation.Like PTA,PVC,PAM etc. and Flour,Starch,Milk,Sugar and
Salt food products. Anthente hold the own partents heat sealing technical to seal the Film
Liner body. High quality and stable sealing line to make sure the Film Body in security the
Cargo inside. Keep cleaning and avoid the moisture 100%.

      Anthente,who are manufacturing Manufacturing more than 60 types Container Liner
since from 2007. Including Film Liner,PP Woven Liner, PE Woven Liner,Thermal Liner,
Contaminate Liner,Compartment Liner,30ft Film Liner etc.

Size: Made for 20ft,30ft,40ft,45ft Standard Container,Truck Compartment,Train Wagon...
Material: PE Film Container Liner,Aluminium Foil Liner,Anti-static Film Bulk Liner.

Liner Design Type(Film Liner/Bulk Liner)

(depending on loading products and loading/discharging type in the Container Liner):

1. Spout for loading/discharging Sea Bulk Liner design.

2. Zipper open and closure Filling Container Liner.

3. Full door open Container Bulk Liner design.

4. Top filling Spout Bulk Liner. For special Container(30ft,45ft Container or Wagon etc.)

5. Air Bag/Floor inflate System design.(More details see the following)

6. Fish tail discharging design.

7. Thermal Bulk Liner design

8. Single-Bar Container Liner design

9. Barless Container Liner design.

Liner Using Type(depending on loading products):

1. Normal Container Liner: Using for easy free flow granule Cargo: Like PP,PE,PET,PC,PVC,
                                      PBT resin,And Rice,Feed pellet,wheat,Beans,Nuts,Malt,Corn and
                                      Seeds in Container Liner.

2. Air Bag Bulk Liner: Using for not easy flow powder Cargo: Like PTA,PAM,Alumina,Carbon
Starch,Sugar,Salt in dry Bulk Liner.

3. Fluidize Sea Liner: Using for very difficult flow powder Cargo: Like PIA,Flour,Starch and
                              Cement in Container Liner.

Bulkhead(Dry Bulk Container Liner):

Container Liner body need protect by Bulkhead(PP/PE Woven,PE Film,Paper Board) protecting
the door and potential dangerous during transportation.

Hanger System(Dry Bulk Liner):

Are designed and suitable for the Standard Container Hook.
Blue TAB/Welding Disk/Stitching Loop+Bungee Cord/Rubber band/Webbing/String+Hook.

Loading Type(Container Liner):
1.Loading by gravity
2.Loading bybelt Thrower.

3.Loading by pumping/Pneumatic system.

4.Mechanic loading by screw/belt conveyor.

Unloading Type: By pneumatic system Or by gravity for Bulk Liner).

Applicable products(Sea Bulk Liner):

1. Agriculture and Food products: Soybeans, Coffee beans, barley Malt,Wheat,Corn,Flour,
          Cocoa,Animal Feed/Fodder, Peanuts, Beans,Nuts, Peas, rice, Salt, Seed,Sugar,Starch
          powder,Milk and the others.

2. Chemical Products:PP,PE,PTA,PC,PAT,PET,PVC,ABS,PBT,Nylon resin,Alumina powder,
          Fertilizer,Soda ash,Carbon black,Polymer and others.

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